di Oro Living Small Silicone Spatula Review

51XoJfK9G2L._SL1000_When I picked the di Oro Living Small Silicone Spatula and saw the word “small” I thought it meant thin. This is actually a small spatula as the pictures show. However it’s size does not detract from its function. This is a lovely, high quality spatula and I am so pleased with it!

IMG_20150916_153623_516 When it arrived I was immediately impressed by the di Oro Living quality. It’s sturdy yet flexible. There is nothing flimsy about this spatula. It’s all one piece with no cracks or casing issues. This means cleaning is SO simple! I don’t need to worry about getting the gunk out from crevices like I did in my old, 2 piece spatula. In fact, nothing even stuck to it!

IMG_20150920_122411_807I first started by scraping the pumpkin from a can. It performed wonderfully. There were no cuts or nicks in it when I was done and I was able to get all of the pumpkin out without a problem. Then I tried it to stir a sauce over medium-high heat for about 10 minutes. Again, no issues at all. Despite scraping the bottom of the pan the whole time the heat had no negative effect on it.

IMG_20150916_153614_182I would consider this product an investment piece for your kitchen. The quality is certainly there and so is the function. I would love to get a whole set of di Oro Living spatulas in the future. They’re just great spatulas!

(I received this product at a discount in order to provide my opinion of it.)


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