SterlingPro French Coffee Press Review

The SterlingPro French Coffee Press makes my second french press coffee maker. Because the first is still going strong I purchased this one specifically with the intention of brewing loose-leaf tea. I was able to get it at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review of it. I had read some previous reviews and wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I’m happy to report that is still is one piece and going strong.

When you receive it the directions are very specific about how to care for the carafe. It says it’s made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Then they recommend you preheat the carafe with warm water and only add water once it’s cooled a bit.

I decided to do a few tests. I started my first test as a dishwasher run since my settings don’t get too hot. It came out fine and I was able to reassemble it in under a minute. For my second test I pre-warmed the carafe with tap water and only added water that was 182 degrees, a tiny bit higher than their recommended temperature. I did the last test run without pre-warming it at all and added water immediately after it came to a boil. I let it steep/rest for 15 minutes that time. I didn’t find a single crack. Basically, I have no problem using it in the same way I do my other french press.

It has a double screen system which I actually like quite a bit. It kept all of the tea leaves out of my cup (which is a common problem with my other press.) It also comes with two additional screens. Those are the only pieces I ever need to replace. Having extras from the get-go is a wonderful addition to what is already a good french press.

The only con I did see might have been a slight defect in my specific unit. The metal cage wasn’t aligned perfectly so it has a tiny wobble when sitting on a flat service. Had I not been closely examining it for my review I might not have even noticed. It’s not especially troublesome.

Overall, the SterlingPro French Coffee Press is a good french press. I was very pleased to try it out.


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