Leather Shines Leather Conditioner Review

812zmqJ9RCL._SL1500_Leather Shines Leather Conditioner is a trouble-free way to keep your leather in best condition for years to come. This was my first time ever trying out a leather conditioner and I had no problems with this item at all. The steps are easy to follow. You just clean your item, apply the product, and let it sit. It’s that easy. You can’t use it on suede or super soft leather but that was a non-issue for me.

IMG_20151005_163728_090The texture was similar to a light conditioner with an opaque white color. I tried this out on 2 belts, 1 pair of shoes, and our old leather chair. They all turned out great. There wasn’t any discoloration or staining to worry about. The end result was a smooth finish. The product simply soaked into the leather leaving no residue or stickiness behind.


IMG_20151005_164214_239I’m pretty happy with my Leather Shines Leather Conditioner. It’s eco-friendly, made in the USA, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I really can’t ask for anything more.

(I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review of it.)


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