Leather Shines Leather Conditioner Review

812zmqJ9RCL._SL1500_Leather Shines Leather Conditioner is a trouble-free way to keep your leather in best condition for years to come. This was my first time ever trying out a leather conditioner and I had no problems with this item at all. The steps are easy to follow. You just clean your item, apply the product, and let it sit. It’s that easy. You can’t use it on suede or super soft leather but that was a non-issue for me.

IMG_20151005_163728_090The texture was similar to a light conditioner with an opaque white color. I tried this out on 2 belts, 1 pair of shoes, and our old leather chair. They all turned out great. There wasn’t any discoloration or staining to worry about. The end result was a smooth finish. The product simply soaked into the leather leaving no residue or stickiness behind.


IMG_20151005_164214_239I’m pretty happy with my Leather Shines Leather Conditioner. It’s eco-friendly, made in the USA, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I really can’t ask for anything more.

(I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review of it.)


SterlingPro French Coffee Press Review

The SterlingPro French Coffee Press makes my second french press coffee maker. Because the first is still going strong I purchased this one specifically with the intention of brewing loose-leaf tea. I was able to get it at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review of it. I had read some previous reviews and wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I’m happy to report that is still is one piece and going strong.

When you receive it the directions are very specific about how to care for the carafe. It says it’s made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Then they recommend you preheat the carafe with warm water and only add water once it’s cooled a bit.

I decided to do a few tests. I started my first test as a dishwasher run since my settings don’t get too hot. It came out fine and I was able to reassemble it in under a minute. For my second test I pre-warmed the carafe with tap water and only added water that was 182 degrees, a tiny bit higher than their recommended temperature. I did the last test run without pre-warming it at all and added water immediately after it came to a boil. I let it steep/rest for 15 minutes that time. I didn’t find a single crack. Basically, I have no problem using it in the same way I do my other french press.

It has a double screen system which I actually like quite a bit. It kept all of the tea leaves out of my cup (which is a common problem with my other press.) It also comes with two additional screens. Those are the only pieces I ever need to replace. Having extras from the get-go is a wonderful addition to what is already a good french press.

The only con I did see might have been a slight defect in my specific unit. The metal cage wasn’t aligned perfectly so it has a tiny wobble when sitting on a flat service. Had I not been closely examining it for my review I might not have even noticed. It’s not especially troublesome.

Overall, the SterlingPro French Coffee Press is a good french press. I was very pleased to try it out.

di Oro Living Small Silicone Spatula Review

51XoJfK9G2L._SL1000_When I picked the di Oro Living Small Silicone Spatula and saw the word “small” I thought it meant thin. This is actually a small spatula as the pictures show. However it’s size does not detract from its function. This is a lovely, high quality spatula and I am so pleased with it!

IMG_20150916_153623_516 When it arrived I was immediately impressed by the di Oro Living quality. It’s sturdy yet flexible. There is nothing flimsy about this spatula. It’s all one piece with no cracks or casing issues. This means cleaning is SO simple! I don’t need to worry about getting the gunk out from crevices like I did in my old, 2 piece spatula. In fact, nothing even stuck to it!

IMG_20150920_122411_807I first started by scraping the pumpkin from a can. It performed wonderfully. There were no cuts or nicks in it when I was done and I was able to get all of the pumpkin out without a problem. Then I tried it to stir a sauce over medium-high heat for about 10 minutes. Again, no issues at all. Despite scraping the bottom of the pan the whole time the heat had no negative effect on it.

IMG_20150916_153614_182I would consider this product an investment piece for your kitchen. The quality is certainly there and so is the function. I would love to get a whole set of di Oro Living spatulas in the future. They’re just great spatulas!

(I received this product at a discount in order to provide my opinion of it.)

Tie Your Socks Colorful Bamboo Dress Socks Review

(Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in order to provide my honest review.)

In addition to my typical girly socks I enjoy a good pair of men’s ones as well. They’re often more comfortable, a bit longer, and a bit wider. My newest pair of Tie Your Socks Colorful Bamboo Dress Socks were exactly what I’d expect and I’m pretty pleased with them. In fact, I didn’t have a single “con” to mention. There’s just nothing wrong with them.


These socks are a casual styled ankle length pair, meaning they cover and end a bit above the ankle. I’m a plus-sized gal so my calves aren’t too skinny. These stayed up without a problem. They weren’t too tight either. When I pulled them off at the end of the night my skin was still as smooth as it was in the morning (no lines from the ribbing.)

The colors are super fun. I wasn’t sure what they were going to look like when they arrived. Vibrant is the word I’d use. I washed these before wearing them and there hasn’t been any fading or piling.

They’re softer than what you’d find in average cotton men’s socks. Considering they’re 80% bamboo that’s not surprising. They’re a good quality pair of socks, no toes snagged on threads when I put them on. They seem like they’ll hold up well through repeated use.

I’d pass the Tie Your Socks socks on to my hubby but I love them too much. All in all I’m very happy with this new addition to my sock drawer.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Convertible Vehicle – $3.75 Shipped!

Right now Target has a number of deals in their online clearance section. I was able to pick up two of these My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks DJ PON-3 Rockin’ Convertible Vehicles for just $3.75 each! Shipping is free when you use your redcard. You can also click through Ebates to get 2% cash back credit on your purchase.

Mine have already arrived and I’m very pleased with them. They’re going to make great Christmas/Birthday presents.

Life Tire Gauge Giveaway ($49.99)

Life Tire Gauge Giveaway ($49.99)

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